The Hal Greer Boulevard Corridor Plan is expected to take a total of 14 months from June 2018 ending in August 2018. This page provides an overview for how that process is set up, but to get the most information about the Plan, please visit the Events page and be sure to attend the public meetings.


Inventory & Analysis

From August through mid-October 2018, the project team will be diving into research on the history and development of Hal Greer Blvd, recent planning documents produced dealing with the corridor, and conducting an in-depth analysis of the existing conditions of the roadway. The Project Advisory Committee is formed during this time to guide the development of the Corridor Plan.


Engagement, Planning & Design

The major Planning and Design work begins in November and continues through to late March 2019. During this time the public events will be held (see the Events page for more details). This engagement will influence design details and shape the overall development of the recommendations. Information from the survey and online map, as well as other public engagement tools used at events, will be compiled by the team.


Documentation & Adoption

The final phase begins in April and lasts through to August 2019 (projected adoption). During this time, concept designs and planning recommendations will be refined with the continued guidance of the Project Advisory Committee. An Open House will be held to present the final recommendations to the public as the report is finished. A final draft will be submitted for adoption by early Fall 2019.